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Metroid Fusion

Metroid fusion was released in 2002 for the Gameboy Advance. Though I personally have only played this game about halfway through because of my lack of a GBA, I can tell you that if you think it looks easy, then you should note that looks can be deceiving. While in personal opinions, I didn't like this game too much as far as it being a Metroid Game goes, it was still pretty fun to play.

The storyline takes place on a Research Station called B.S.L. Laboratories, which consists of 6 sectors, listed below. Samus Aran, in this game, once again returned to SR388 to find that since the extinction of the Metroids, the dominant species on the planet, a parasite named X had taken over the planet in the Metroid's place. Parasite X's only natural enemy were the Metroids, so with the Metroids being out of the picture, the X was able to grow and thrive at unprecedented levels. The X had the power to not only kill their victims, but mimic their DNA as well, and create somewhat of a clone of them.

Samus becomes infected with this parasite and is rendered unconcious. While unconcious, the doctors found they had to remove parts of her Power Suit that had been infected by the X Parasite, and were only able to save her life by infusing her with DNA from the Metroid Hatchling they still possessed. So not once, but twice has the Metroid Hatchling saved her life.

These procedures changed Samus' look dramatically, her once orange and gold suit now blue and yellow. But since she was now immune to the deadly X Parasite, even though she was very weak, she was sent to the Research station because it was unresponsive.

After certain things happen in the game, we find that the X have mimicked Samus Aran in her most powerful form, and naming it the SA-X, Samus Aran knows that this creature mimicking her is most certainly deadly. She has to literally fight herself in order to survive.
Sectors and the Main Deck
The Main Deck is where you will find Missiles, Morph Ball, and Space Jump.

I'm still dataless on what environment this sector is supposed to replicate, but I believe it's the caves on SR388. The map above should help you in the locations of the various expansions throughout the area. See the bottom of this page fore more details.

Sector 2 is the jungle habitat on the station. Here is where you'll receive the Hi-Jump Boots, Jump Ball, and Plasma Beam.

Sector 3 is a "Lava" Environment. Traveling through here without Varia suit is dangerous, but may be necessary at some points in the game. Here you'll find the Wide Beam and Super Missiles.

Sector 4 is the Water Environment. Here you'll find the Speed Booster and Diffusion Missiles.

Sector 5 is the arctic Climate Environment. Here is where you'll find the Gravity Suit.

Sector 6 is the Nocturnal Environment. Here you'll find the Wave Beam and Varia Suit.

Items How Many
Energy Tanks 20
Missiles 48
Power Bombs 32

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Metroid Fusion Information

Basic Storyline
Main Deck
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Screen Shots

For a complete walkthrough, please visit Nintelligent.net - Metroid Fusion Walkthrough

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