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The game that started it all, Metroid came out in 1986 and introduced Samus Aran to the world. Samus Aran, a mysterious Bounty Hunter of unknown origin and motives, is hired by the Galactic Federation, a society of planets and races brought together to keep peace throughout the galaxy.

With the discovery of the Metroids, the Galactic Federation tried to study them, but they were stolen by a group of evil creatures known as Space Pirates who are bent on galactic dominance. Military Outfits were sent to reclaim these Metroids, which were parasitic lifeforms that hovered in midair, and were capable of latching on to other living things and draw their life force, killing them. But none of these Outfits were ever heard from again.

So the Galactic Federation had no choice but to hire the best in the known universe, Samus Aran. Thus begins round one!!

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There all all sorts of Passwords for Metroid, but the most popular of these is the "Justin Bailey" code. This code will start you in Norfair with wave beam, morph ball, morph ball bombs, missiles, hi-jump boots, and the ever popular screw attack. Not only that, but you'll be playing Samus without her suit!! So this code is pretty useful if you're a power crazed maniac!! The code must look like this when entered:

J U S T I N  B A I L E Y
- - - - - -   - - - - - -

If memory serves correctly, you need to make sure the bottom row is all dashes. Not that anyone DOESN'T know about this code!

If anyone has any other good passwords they know about and would like to see them here, don't hesitate to send them in!!

Rumors on Justin Bailey:Justin Bailey is the person who created Metroid and made this code after his name. This is not true. Justin Bailey is not a real person. Metroid was created by Gunpei Yokoi and the Justin Bailey code is supposedly mirrored after an english term for a bathing suit. In England, bathing suits are referred to as bailey's, so putting the "Justin Bailey" term literally it's like saying "Just In Bailey" or "Just In Swimming Suit" which is what Samus wears when you use this code. I can't remember where I got tis information from though so don't ask =P.

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