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The Huntress Series

The Huntress Series of stories I have written are based around Samus Aran, shortly after she destroyed Planet Zebes. At the time I wrote these, I hadn't played Metroid Fusion, and so I had no idea what took place in that game and therefore could not write what took place afterwards in my Fan Fictions. So I simply excluded that game from this series, my apologies if Fusion is your favorite game and you would like to have it included, but many have said that these stories aren't too bad. In my personal opinion some parts could stand to be redone, but I am happy overall with the final result of them.

Below you'll find a description of each story and a link to download them. I have put the stories in ZIP files, so you will need a program to unzip them once you have downloaded them. If you don't have a program to unzip files, you can download a trial version of WinZip at www.winzip.com.

Please note this Series has a PG 13 rating for descriptive violence and adult language. Also note that anything that happens in these stories are not fact to the actual Metroid Series and are for entertainment only as with any Fan Fiction.

I buried Armstrong Huston in a trash bag and left him far away from this Series where he belongs.

The Huntress: Chronicles

This is a Chronicle of all the stories I've written and a catalogue of the places, races, and characters both that I have made up and that Nintendo has made, as well as a comment from me on the entire series. Instead of making this a downloadable word document, I have simply made it into an HTML page on my website for everyone to read and hopefully understand better some of the things in the stories. I have also made a few Planet Documentaries which are images of the planets (made by me in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro) and gives little facts about them such as size, rotation, orbit, ect. I hope this Chronicle comes in handy and is also enjoyable for anyone who decides to read it. Thank you!!!

The Huntress: Chronicles

The Huntress: Part 0 - Uprising (Bonus)

This is a bonus that I have written with the final story in "The Huntress Series". It is a prequel to all of The Huntress stories, a short story of some of the events leading up to Samus Aran's first mission to Zebes. It's sort of my way of thanking everyone for reading these stories and giving me such wonderful compliments on them!

Uprising for Microsoft Word Works
Uprising for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part I - A Hunters Vengeance

Shortly after the destruction of Zebes, Samus Aran finds herself attacked by renegade hunters, but as she unfolds who hired the hunters and why, even more questions are raised. Has the Galactic Federation stabbed Samus in the back and betrayed her? Also, Samus finds she has to deal with someone from her past long ago when she was a child...

A Hunters Vengeance for Microsoft Word Works
A Hunters Vengeance for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part II - Half Blood

Love, hate, acceptance, and responsibility; all emotions of which Samus Aran deals with everyday. It's when these emotions become involved with others that they're the most confusing, and even lethal. Setting the stage for revenge can be fulfilling in itself, unless the table turns...

Half Blood for Microsoft Word Works
Half Blood for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part III - Resurrection

Samus Aran has always had an impact on the Galactic Federation, ever since the discovery of the Metroids. How far that impact has gone is what Samus tries to unravel when she finds a medical file on herself that she'd never seen before and had no conscious memory of. Could the Galactic Federation be cloning Metroids, and even more horrifying to the hunter, the Chozo themselves?

Resurrection for Microsoft Word Works
Resurrection for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part IV - The Awakening

The Galactic Federation has put out a bounty on Samus Aran which brings an old friend out of the darkness with two sides to his story. The news he brings is surprising and will change Samus's life forever.

The Awakening for Microsoft Word Works
The Awakening for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part V - Emulation

Three Months after Samus returned home to Planet Revon, the Galactic Federation has given up on finding her because of her illegal actions on Illion Space Station. Samus vowed never to work for the Federation again, but when an Enredican Transport Vessel crash lands on Planet Revon carrying delicate materials for the Federation, Samus finds she has to confront them once more. What she finds out that the Galactic Federation has been up to however is surprising.

Emulation for Microsoft Word Works
Emulation for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part VI - Revelation

Mysteries unfold around the Space Pirates as well as the Chozo as Samus finds herself unfolding more and more of a plot to conquer the Galactic Federation. An old enemy returns in the thick of things and it may prove to be the last journey for Samus Aran.

Revelation for Microsoft Word Works
Revelation for Note Pad.

The Huntress: Part VII - Anathema

Five years after the events in Revelation, the Space Pirates are scattered throughout the galaxy by all the damage suffered from the Hunter. Drevan and Samus have parted ways, and Anette is growing into an ambitious young woman. With all that's going on, Samus doesn't realize that a new project started by the Pirates is underway, and will end up causing not only Samus problems, but also the space pirates themselves.

Anathema for Microsoft Word Works
Anathema for Note Pad.

The Huntress Series

Part 0 - Uprising
Part I - A Hunters Vengeance
Part II - Half Blood
Part III - Resurrection
Part IV - The Awakening
Part V - Emulation
Part VI - Revelation
Part VII - Anathema

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