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Released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo, Super Metroid was a monster. It has been said by many to be the greatest game for the Super Nintendo, and even said to be the best game ever made.

In this game, which takes place shortly after Metroid II, Samus Aran delivers a Metroid Hatchling she'd found on planet SR388 to the science station Ceres so scientists could study its energy producing qualities.

However, not long after Samus leaves the station, she receives a distress signal from it saying it's under attack. So she heads back quickly to find that the scientists have been killed, and the Metroid Hatchling is being stolen by the Space Pirate named Ridley. She follows Ridley back to a rebuilt Zebes where she has to rescue the Metroid Hatchling and destroy the once more rising threat there.

Items How Many
Energy Tanks 14
Reserve Tanks 4
Missiles 46
Super Missiles 10
Power Bombs 10

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There are 6 different areas to explore in this game. Below is a list of each and a short description.

Crateria: This is where you'll first arrive. Filled with caves located on the surface of Zebes, the outside is under a deluge of acid rain until later on in the game.

Brinstar: Consisting of mostly plant life, Brinstar is a jungle of bugs and critters the size of your head or bigger.

Wrecked Ship: A ship which crashed on Zebes long ago. There's no power in this ship, and it is haunted by ghosts of the ones who died on it.

Maridia: The water world of Zebes, there's no great whites, but what lurks in the murky depths makes Jaws look like a wimp. Beware!!

Norfair: Located near the center of Zebes, Norfair is in two words, just hot. It can be divided into two seperate levels as well, Lower Norfair being nothing short of an idealistic hell.

Tourian: Located in the center of the other five areas, the Tourian houses the purest of evil on Zebes. Small in size compaired to the rest, it's not a piece of cake to conquer.

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Super Metroid housed ALOT of secret moves that not many people could figure out at first. Here's a list of those moves (I do believe it's all of them) and how to perform them.

The Crystal Flash: This is a tricky move to perform because the situation has to be JUST right. Here's how you do it.
You must have under 50 UNITS of energy, ONLY ten missiles, ONLY 10 super missiles, and ONLY 11 Power Bombs. First crouch into morph ball, then set off a power bomb. A white-yellow glow will surround Samus and her ammo will be converted into energy. Pretty nifty eh?

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Weapon Beam Combos: Prime isn't the first game Samus had beam combos in! Here's how you can perform beam combos in Super Metroid. Remember, you must have charge beam and power bombs to perform beam combos.

First, select your power bombs. Then go to the start menu which displays Samus' information and all her equipment. Turn off all of her beams except the charge beam and the beam you wish to perform a combo with. Note, you may ONLY CHOOSE ONE! Plasma, Ice, Wave, or Power, what's it gonna be? Once you have done this, go back to the game and charge up her weapon. Continue to power the charge beam, and the combo will fire on its own. It depends on what beam you chose that will determine the effect you get. I'm not going to spoil the different combos, so try them all and see what happens ;).

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Wall Jump: Probably one of Samus' more trademark moves, this trick involves jumping towards one wall, and pushing off it, towards another. I myself never mastered this trick as it's pretty tricky to perform. However, to perform this trick, you simply jump towards one wall, and once Samus touches it, press away from the wall on your directional pad followed by the jump button again. Once she reaches the opposite wall, repeat this action and continue until you have reached the top. It's sounds ALOT easier than it is!! But if you can master this move, then there are probably a few goodies you can reach earlier in the game that you would normally need grapple beam or hi-jump boots to obtain.

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There are 3 different endings to Super Metroid. While I don't know the percentages or times you have to have to recieve these, I do know that the best is by defeating the game in under four hours with the majority of the items (98% or so.) The same basic thing happens in every ending, however with the best ending, Samus removes her suit, wearing some kind of black bikini and showing off her blonde hair. In the second ending, her visor simply opens, and you can see her face as she flashes a small grin at you. In the last ending, she just gives you a thumbs up...this is probably a sarcastic thumbs up as she would rather flip you the bird for making her go through Zebes without alot of stuff!!! JUST KIDDING!!! ^_^ However, these are the alternate endings for Super Metroid.

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