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Metroid Movie Watch
There have been two tries to bring Samus Aran to the big screen in a Metroid Movie, and with this second attempt, I've decided to make this page to keep track of the news, or try to anyway, and maybe put a few other little bits up here for conversation purposes...not that the subject of a Metroid Movie isn't a topic for conversation in itself. So enjoy MG's Metroid Movie Watch. And don't forget Hollywood...MG is watching you o.o!!!
Yeah, I know, I'm a dork. Alright, let's get on with this thing. More will be put up on this page as it comes along.

General News
So far the reports say the following information. John Woo, who has directed such movies as "Face Off", "Mission Impossible 2", and "Paycheck" has picked up the rights to make a Metroid Movie after the seeming disinterest of Zide/Perry Entertainment (creators of "American Pie" and "Final Destination")who let their rights to the movie expire in early 2003. John Woo, who is from Hong Kong China, is going to produce the movie and also has the option to direct it. Along with Woo, other names that have been mentioned to be working on this movie are Terence Chang, Brad Foxhoven, and Suzanne Zizzi. News articles say they want this movie to come out sometime before 2006 or in 2006 itself.

It's also been reported on that they see great potential in the Metroid Saga to make a Movie Franchise with Nintendo as a partner, hence more than one movie. So far, the Sci-Fi film is expected to cost more than 100 million US Dollars and everyone working on it so far has been treating it as a big budget movie.

According to sources, the movie is going to be based around the origins of Samus Aran and her battles with the metroids and the Mother Brain. Woo plans to make this movie a "high budgeted space spectacle" which will satisfy both the fans of the game and the general movie-goers. "We are very fortunate that there is such an extensive amount of material to draw upon for the film due to there being so many iterations of the game over the years," Woo said to the reporters about the film.

So far things sound as if they're coming along smoothly, however only time will tell what we can expect.......

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