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Samus Aran

Name: Samus Aran

Sex: Female

Height: 6 ft. 3 inches

Weight: 193 lbs - Statistics of height and weight reflect the usage of subjects power suit.

DOB: Unknown - Estimated age of 24 Earth years.

Current Whereabouts: Unknown

Last Known Whereabouts: B.S.L. Space Station

Species: Human w/Cybernetic Enhancements

Power Suit Specifics: Power suit origional design created and engineered by extinct species Chozo. Suit possesses ability to be upgraded for better performance.
Organic material in suit integrates with the wearer through cybernetic implants and operates from an unknown power source.
Power suit contains onboard computer with scanning, targeting, voice control, and information storage capabilities. Any other information unknown.

The Huntress

Samus is the sole survivor of a Space Pirate raid on an Earth colony of a planet called K-2L. Her biological family was killed during this raid when she was a young girl. It is rumored that her father did work for the Galactic Federation, but any information on her mother remains a mystery.

After the Space Pirate raid, Samus was found by an ancient and highly advanced race of bird-like creatures called the Chozo. They "adopted" her and taught her everything she knows about survival. Though the Chozo were a peace loving species, and Samus's species seemed to love a good fight, somehow the Chozo were able to educate the young girl in the art of war, and in the end, they learned much from each other.

They infused Samus with their blood, giving her a very high metabolism, and they also gave her cybernetic enhancements, as well as the suit she wears during battle which gives her superhuman like abilities. Though her suit is the biggest key to her success, without it she is still far from weak.

Click here for other Images of Samus Aran.

Samus after she hacks into the computer system to get the force field controls to work

Samus after she once more hacks into a computer system to agin access to an elevator shaft

Samus looking for her dog Spot on the space ship...Here spot...where did you go!?!

Ehem...'Give me my dog back fool!!!'

Personal Note:: Information on Samus Aran was not collected from Nintendo and therefore may not be fact. Most information is obtained from other sites which state the same statistics on Samus as stated above.

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