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What Metroid Prime Boss Are You?

1. You and your friends decide to go to the beach. On the first day, you all go to the shore to spend some time. While you're there, you...

Complain because the weather is too hot and dry
Bask in the sun
Try to go for a swim but almost end up drowning
Steal someone elses towel cause it's bigger than yours
Feed alkaseltzer to some seagulls, and when the authorities arrive blame it on one of your friends
Find a place to that's nice and shaded to sleep for a while
Sit back and watch what your friends are doing

2. After you and your friends leave the beach, you all decide on getting something to eat. At the restaurant you...

Order a steak medium rare
Cuss out the waitress because there's a veggie plate on the menu
Order what one of your friends orders because you have no clue what's good and what isn't
Eat off of not only your plate but all of your friends
Tell the waitress you saw a roach crawling on the table after you've eaten your food and that you refuse to pay for anything
Tell everyone what a lame restaurant it is
Just order a meal...what else is there to do???

3. After you leave the restaurant and you're all full from eating, everyone goes to an amusement park and rides a big roller coaster (Smart thing after you eat right?) Anyway, you're the one that...

Tosses your cookies all over the place
Screams loudly how you want your mommy
Constantly screams "WEEEEEEEE!!!"
Holds your hands in the air while wondering if you can get one of these at your house
Tells everyone before you get on the ride that you heard 10 people died on it last week just to try and scare them
Falls asleep on the ride
Sits behind because you're not that crazy to go on a roller coaster after you've eaten

4. Later that night you all go back to the hotel room. After everyone gets in bed you

Pass gas that makes everyone think there's a dead animal in the room
Constantly asks questions just because you're not really tired yet
Snore loudly and keep everyone awake
Stare out the window up at the stars plotting your world domination
Call everyone losers and go out because the night is still young and you've got things you can do
Go to sleep
Toss about for a little bit because you're not used to the place

5. In the morning, you all find a family of roaches camped out on the floor of the hotel room. You...

Scream when people start killing your pets
Spray an entire can of raid
Start squashing them with your shoes or with your friends shoes
Decide to kill the owner of the hotel for letting you stay in a room infested with roaches and take over the hotel yourself
You just got back in from being out all night and are too tired to care really
Get pissed because you're trying to sleep and everyone's making noise
Put one of the roaches in a glass of listerine just to see what happens

6. Before you all get a chance to leave the room, someone says one of your friends looks like a demon and that they should be burned at the stake. You...

Spit on the guy
Smack him around a couple of times
Run him over with a car
Steal his wallet and find out where he lives so you can steal all the valuables in his house before setting it on fire
You're the one he said looks like a demon and you don't particularly care, telling him thank you before leaving
Just start beating the crap out of him
Play mind games with him

7. Well, that did it. Your friend hit him with the car and the police came and put him in jail. Now you all have to break him out that night. You...

Are the look out
Decide that your services are best rendered as a back up plan
Are the one who got put in jail and beat all the other inmates up
Get a bunch of your friends to help and beat up all the gaurds in the jail house
Climb the jail house wall until you find your friends window, then blow it open
Are sleeping in the car waiting for everyone to show up so you can get away
Were the master mind behind all of this

8. Somehow you all manage to escape and you leave to go to a third world country where you're not wanted as a criminal...yet... When you get there you...

Love how dirty it is
Kill a few farmers because you're an anti-vegetarian
Go to live on a mountain like a hermit
Decide the locals would be easy to rule over and you can start you world domination here
Become a God to all the locals simply because of your looks
Go hibernate in a nearby cave
Get pissed because it sucks here and set the entire town on fire one night

9. A few years pass and your friend has actually been able to get his plans for world domination started. You...

Become one of his flunkies and allow him to perform odd experiments on you
Don't particularly care one way or the other, but are fortunate enough to be his friend and acquire a room all to yourself where you don't have to worry about anything or anyone else
Become his body gaurd
You're the one who has gotten your world domination on the role and you sit in a big room all day saying "Dance puppets dance!!!"
Decide to help him out and become one of his advisors
You were the last to find out cause you'd been sleeping
Become partners with him

10. After a while, the campaign to take over the world falls at the hands of one person. You...

Were the first to die
Are glad you don't have anything to do with it and won't say anything as long as no one bothers you
Decide to stand in this persons way to protect your boss somehow or the other
Wonder for a moment if you can get this person to work for you, and if not, destroy them horribly like little bugs, DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE YOU!!!
Take out a personal grudge against this person and try to kill him or her yourself
Don't really care one way or the other and go back to sleep in your cave
Decide to let this person come to you and then you'll take action