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What Metroid Game Are You?

1. Your clothes are...

Old fashioned but cool
Not too colorful or bright
Very hip and colorful
Sleek and Sexy
Always changing but always of the newest styles

2. When it comes to movies, you prefer...

Black and White
New or Possibly Redone
Technologically Advanced
New and Hip

3. You're idea of a fun night is...

Going to a classical concert
Seeing a movie
Taking your kids out to do something fun
Going to a techno club
Going to a concert of your favorite new music band or artist

4. Your favorite artist is...

Leonardo Da Vinci
You like black and white photography
Vincent Van Gogh
Drew Posada
Anything that's got alot of style

5. Your favorite music is...

Midi music on the computer
Anything that sounds good
Rock and Techno
You don't listen to anything more than 5 years old