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What Metroid Weapon Are You?

1.You are the one to decide the punishment for someone who's been convicted of first degree murder. You sentence them to...

Life without parole
Be burned at the stake
Be sent to the Gas Chamber
Be sent to the electric chair

2.You get in a fight with someone. You somehow loose the fight, but decide to get vengeance by...

Calling the police
Setting the bastards house on fire
Sleeping with his girlfriend and telling everyone she's a "Coldfish" (If you're a girl, then it's a she, and you sleep with the boyfriend.)
Taking a group of your toughest friends over to beat the hell out of him

3.Among your friends, you are the...

Weakest, yet most efficient
Strongest and best looking
Slowest, but precise
One with the best personality

4.Someone pays for the vacation of your lifetime. You go somewhere...

Secluded and peaceful
Hot and exciting
Cold and cozy
Las Vegas!

5.The type of clothes you wear are...

Tight fitting
Hot and sexy
Warm and Comfy
Neat but stand out

6.You're the type of person who...

Likes things to happen quick and effectively
Likes things to be powerful. Period.
Doesn't mind to wait for something
Thinks that strength lies in numbers