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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
The next big installment for the Prime series, and Metroid itself. E3 was packed full of goodies, and this game was in its spotlight for initial releases on the Nintendo Wii (don'tcha just love that name?!). Click above for links, info, and trailers on this incoming monster game!
Reality's Exile Reality's Exile - Metroid RolePlay Forum
Are you a Role Player? Are you a Metroid Fan? Did you ever consider RPing Metroid? Check out the MRPF now if so.
Metroid Prime Hunters Metroid Hunters
A purely multi-player Metroid Game for the DS? It's on its way, and could change the way we look at Metroid forever...
Metroid Galaxy Forums Metroid Galaxy Community
From Metroid Games to News to Rumors and Spoilers, join the MGB for lots of information!
Super Metroid Galaxy Super Metroid Galaxy
Metroid Galaxy's very own sprite comic, with plenty of sparklies for everyone. Click here to get yourself a laugh or two!
Metroid Galaxy Chatroom Metroid Galaxy Chatroom
Join the chatroom for talk about random things, both Metroid and Non-Metroid related. Requires the mIRC chat client to join.
Spencer Mansion Spencer Mansion
Resident Evil fan? Jump on over to Metroid Galaxy's Resident Evil subdomain for information, news, tips and tricks on all the games of the horrific saga and join their message board for even more information!

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