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What Huntress Character Are You?

This test will make more sense if you've read The Huntress Stories!!! So fair warning now!!! hehe

1.You and your friends are sitting on a front porch wasting time and talking...You are probably...

Just sitting there listening to everyone
Asking questions that apply to the current conversation...you like to know all you can
Ignoring everyone else while flirting with the cutest person there
Just leaning back nonchalantly, though throwing out the occasional smartass remark from time to time
The one who usually carries the conversation
Not even in the conversation, adult topics don't apply to you!!!

2.As the conversation continues, one of you spots someone in the bushes trying to sneak up on everyone...You...

Were the one who heard/saw them and take appropriate action against them
Are oblivious to them
May have noticed but were too busy being immature with the person you've been flirting with
Probably saw them yourself but decided to wait and see what they would do first before acting
You knew someone was coming. You know everything.
What person? I'm too busy trying to catch this butterfly in the bushes!!!

3.As it turns out, it was just a friend in the bushes trying to play a trick on everyone...You...

Grumble because his sneakiness and your paranoia almost gave you a heart attack
Are surprised and react accordingly
Might have been surprised, but promptly go back to what you were doing...
Chuckle somewhat under your breath with a shake of your head
Chastise them a bit for playing childish games, but realize also the need for spotenaity
The butterfly flew away!!! WEEEEE!!!!!

4.Well, that was fun. You all go inside when one of you gets a call stating that a good friend of yours is in trouble!! You have to go help! You...

Jump right into the thick of things, NO ONE messes with your friends!!!
Stay behind but pray everything is alright
Come along no matter what anyone says, you're gonna help!
Will probably come along, but for the extra help and support more or less...
Come up with the plan to help everyone out. After all, you're a genius and everyone knows it.
Where'd that butterfly go!?

5.Your friend is being held hostage by a maniac. You...

Sneak up on them using stealth, save your friend, and simultaneously beat the hell out of the maniac
Were left at home, but try to figure out if there's anything you can do to help
Realize perhaps your services weren't needed, and when it's all over, immaturely start griping about how someone could've gotten themselves killed
You came along, and didn't get a chance to help much, but you got some good entertainment out of it...Damn, what a party!!!
You were left at home, but you did your part by coming up with the plan
GAH! I pulled the butterflies wings off...well...they're pretty, might make a good gift...

6.Everyone returns home where a party is thrown because your friend was able to be saved. You...

Take some time out to think about what happened today...
Congratulate everyone on a job well done
Decide to forget it and just have some fun for the rest of the evening
Go straight to the drinking table and proceed to have your fill
Take the time out to do that silly dance you're so well known for
Give the butterfly wings to someone at the party and proceed to run around like the silly person you are :D