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Metroid Evolution

This page is my poor attempt to capture Samus Aran over the years from her first game premiere to her most recent games, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Fusion. Below you'll find a series of screenshots I have found from all over the net. I have a small comment beneath each, so you'll know where the screenshot came from and what it's about. Hope you enjoy this little walk through memory lane unless you never played the first games in which case I suggest you get off my site and go find them so you can play them yourself!

Metroid, 1986 Nintendo

Remember this??? These are the days of 8-bit gaming when the first Metroid game was born into the world. Almost scary huh? ~Takes on the grandpa tone of voice~ Why I can remember back when we didn't have 3-d games, and all you youngons can think about now is whether or not it's detailed enough!!! Kids nowadays!!! I tell ya!!!

This is just a comparison I wanted to make. This is the same room shown in the first picture, only in Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo. My what a difference 16-bits makes!!! =D

Metroid II: The Return of Samus, 1991 Gameboy

This is a screenshot from Metroid II The Return of Samus. This game was made in 1991 for the GameBoy which then didn't have color really, but the graphics were superior to the first one, and Samus was becoming more and more detailed in action.

Super Metroid, 1994 Super Nintendo

Now we're talking!!! This is (another) screenshot from Super Metroid. We're looking better all the time!!! This is quite possible the best metroid game to date out of the 3rd person side scrollers. (IMHO)

Metroid Prime, 2002 Gamecube

8 years and a new nintendo game system (the N64) and no trace of Samus anywhere in sight, only to be blown away when the GameCube comes out with Metroid Prime. I think everyone crapped in thier pants when this badboy...or in Samus's case, girl, hit the shelves!!! It was a very sad sight to see a grown woman ballerina dancing around her kitchen when she gets the call that her pre-ordered Metroid Prime game is in. (Yes, I did that...hey, 8 years, I'd earned it LOL) I can't imagine what future games for Metroid will look like.......GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metroid Fusion, 2002 Gameboy Advance

And yet another game after 8 years of waiting!!! This is a screenshot from Metroid Fusion for the GameBoy Advance. Unfortuantly, I don't have a gameboy advance, though I HAVE played this game, and it's as good from what I've played as Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo. I wish I could comment further upon it, but that's the extent of my knowledge. But hey, it's still looking good isn't it!!!!!!!

The Fusion Suit

Samus in her new "Fusion" suit. I had to add this little section because I wanted to make a few comments. Samus...I will always love you girl...but WHAT did they do to you!!! I'm sorry, but I believe (and this is only MY opinion) that this new suit looks like she's wearing nothing more than spandex and a metal helmet. I only PRAY that at the end of Fusion she gets her old suit back. I mean, you never saw Mario trade in his red overalls for a plain old shirt and jogging pants did you? NO!!!!!!! And I think Samus needs to stay the same as well!!! Yes, everyone likes a little change, but at LEAST make it a good one!!! No offense to you "Fusion" suit enthusiasts out there at all, however I just don't like it, and most of the "long-time" gamers I've talked to don't really like it as well. Not to say that makes Fusion a bad game at all though!!! (Unless she's stuck with this suit now...then I don't know what to think...LoL) Fusion is a perfectly great game though!!! The suit just doesn't look good.......once more IMHO...

MG Interviews Samus Aran (I wish...)

T H E  I N T E R V I E W

Well, if you've come this far on the Evolution page, I've decided to add one more little tidbit. (Please note this is for entertainment purposes only, and is not an ACTUAL event. Of course, if you THINK it's an actual event, I do believe you need to be admitted to the mental ward of the hospital beause Samus Aran is not a real person!!! LOL hehe)

After multiple attempts get in touch with Samus Aran for an interview exclusive to MG (Metroid Galaxy) I was finally able to sit down with her for a spell. No, this wasn't easy, and how I finally contacted her is classified, so if you would like to contact her yourself, you'll hve to find your own means.

The interview actually lasted longer than I thought it would, but even still, it ended all too soon. The interview went as follows.......

(S.A. = Samus Aran, and M.G. = Metroid Galaxy.)

M.G.: What an honor it is to meet you in person!!! I just first off wanted to say I'm a very big fan of yours and that you're so cool!!!

S.A.: ~She gave me a stare and stayed quiet for a few moments, making me wish she didn't have her cannon arm equipped at that point in time. Finally, she responded~ Thanks.

M.G.: You're welcome. I understand you're very busy so I'll get this over with quick for you. Is Samus Aran your real name?

S.A.: If it's what you know me as, and it's what you call me, then it's my real name to you. Besides that, the answer is yes.

M.G.: Alrighty then! Moving along, what is your current relationship with Adam?

S.A.: I named my computer after him, that's about it.

M.G.: Ok then, what's your idea of having a good time?

S.A.: ~She got quiet for another moment, seemingly in thought, and then said~ I think making sure all my weapons are working properly. Then using them. Yes, I think I like using them the most. If you were expecting me to say going to parties or something of the sort, I don't tend to fit well into crowded places.

M.G.: Perfectly understandable. I hate crowded places period. My idea of having fun is keeping to myself taking care of my stuff as well. ~She actually nodded at me, to which I smiled, loosening up a bit and started worrying less and less that she was going to kill me.~ Well, now I would like to ask, do you listen to music? If so, what kind?

S.A.: Yes, I listen to music. As for what kind, it doesn't really matter as long as it sounds pretty good. I don't listen to it on a regular basis though. Usually only when I'm somewhere that's already playing it.

M.G.: I see. Alright, on a more personal note, and this is just my own curiousity, if nothing bad had ever happened to you, such as your family being killed, do you still think you would have become a Bounty Hunter?

S.A.: That's not easy to answer. You can't say what would have happened to you if some things were changed. I could speculate for you until I'm blue in the face, but it wouldn't be any different. I do think however, I would have been some sort of militant person as I tend to like a good adventure anyway. You have to when you do what I do.

M.G.: Of course. I hear you don't like to take orders either?

S.A.: Hell no! I've only taken orders a few times in my life, and anyone else who tried to tell me what the hell to do is either sipping soup through a straw right now, or loved the Missile Soufflé I fed them.

M.G.: Get me something to drink. ~I said this and laughed with a smile, my laugh growing softer and softer as she simply sat there and stared at me. I cleared my throat then and said~ Moving right along now. This is the last question. Many people want to know this, and I thought I would clear it up right now for everyone. What does it feel like going onto the Morphing Ball? Does it hurt, or feel weird? And what exactly happens to you when you do that?

S.A.: I had a feeling you'd ask that. Well, to tell the truth, I dematerialize, so basically the particles of my body are floating around inside this very well armored ball which is about a meter in diameter, and I navigate through a sonar which is very easy to use once you know how to. It doesn't hurt, it just tingles alot.

M.G.: Wow! Yes it does, and then some, thanks so much! I hope you have happy hunting in the future ma'am.

S.A.: ~She nodded in return to my well wishes and then said~ It wasn't a problem.

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