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Metroid Galaxy Information

Metroid Galaxy is a fansite of Nintendo's Metroid Franchise. Metroid Galaxy is in no way affiliated with Nintendo.

Metroid Is © Nintendo of America 1886-Present. All Rights Reserved by Nintendo.

All original content on Metroid Galaxy including the site layout, graphics design, and "The Huntress Series" fan fiction stories are © Metroid Galaxy. Do NOT duplicate this site in ANY way without first contacting the webmistress.

Super Metroid Galaxy Sprite Comic is made by the webmistress for entertainment purposes using characters created by Nintendo. All characters in the comic are © their respective owners and are in no way owned by Metroid Galaxy.

Metroid Galaxy does not use Metroid or any related likenesses of Metroid including the names of the games, characters, the storylines, or the sites original content for commercial use. This site is solely for use as entertainment, and information on the series.

Please respect the law and the wishes of the Webmistress and return the favor of offering the information on this site by not duplicating this site without her permission and recognizing the copyright holders!!! Thank you!!!

Q. Who does the designs for Metroid Galaxy?

A. I do myself. I design all the graphics and the layouts for this site myself.

Q. What is Metroid?

A. It's a video game made by Nintendo. For more information on this game, click on the "about" link.

Q. Will you design a web site for me just like this one?

A. Not just like this one, no. But if you can find a way to motivate me, then maybe I'll design a website for you...maybe. What motivates GieGie, you ask? (GieGie is me by the way) Oh, just think about it for a while, I'm sure you'll figure it out...

Q. Are the answers Samus gives on your interview on the Evolution page true?

A. Ok...I'm only going to say this...Go find Samus and ask her yourself, I'm sure she'll tell you...Now think about that for a while...

Q. How do you make your graphics and the comic "Super Metroid Galaxy"?

A. I use Paint Shop Pro to make all my graphics. As for the comic, I make those in Paint Shop Pro using ripped sprite sheets I've found just about everywhere when I searched for them and screenshots from "Super Metroid" for the backgrounds.

Q. Are you single?

A. I love this question...People, just because I'm a female does not mean you need to email me and ask me this. It makes me wonder if the webmaster at the Metroid Database gets emails from girls asking him if he's single all the time. As for whether or not I'm single, I refuse to answer that because it is irrelevant to this site. I did not open Metroid Galaxy to find a boyfriend.

You're not really a female, no female likes Video Games that much.

Obviously this isn't a question, but I got a rude email from someone once and I wanted to post one of the comments here. First off, yes, I am female, I was born a female, I'll die a female, and I'll always like video games. As for no female liking video games that much, I don't know what sheltered fool this person is, however he must not get out much or know many women himself. That's all I'm going to say on this comment.

Q. Will you link to me and can I link to you?

A. Yes, you may link to me anytime you please. As for linking to you, you should send me a link to your site in the email, and I'll have a look at it. If it meets my Metroid Fansite expectations, I'll put the link up. If it doesn't however, you probably won't be hearing from me.

Q. Your Fan Fictions are in some kind of zip file, and I can't get it to open. What's going on?

A. A zip file is a file that contains another file basically, and has to be opened using a certain program, such as winzip. On my fan fiction page, there is a link to winzip.com where you can download a free trial version of their program and unzip the files with that.

Q. I can't get Winzip to work, what should I do?

A. Take it up with them, I didn't make the program.

Q. I know about this new thing, and that new thing, and I know about new games coming out for metroid in the future! Did you know this too?

A. Yes. Chances are I know everything about Metroid that has happened and I know generally what's going to happen. So there's probably nothing you can tell me that isn't old news to me. However, if you're wanting to get your information on the site then you should visit the User Submitted Pages and go from there. Thank you.

Your site rules and it's the best Metroid site on the net!!!

Obviously not a question, but just another comment I wanted to include that I got in an email. Thank you very much!!! ^_^

Q. Your site has too many pop-ups, why don't you get rid of them?

A. Well guess what? I did, but it wasn't cause you wanted me to, it was because I was getting tired of angelfire...SO SURF POP-UP FREE NOW DAMN IT!!! LoL =)

Thank you for reading this FAQ!!!


The Shoutbox has been removed due to www.ShoutMix.com's domain expiration and the consequent cause of popups on the site. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. As an alternative, try using the Message Board instead.

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