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Quick Yet Overdue 01/04/05

So, for a quick update which should have been done long ago, I am sick right now IRL and have been so for the past week. Hence the reason this is going to be fast and sweet. I just don't feel like spending the time explaining every single thing like I usually do haha >_< So here we go...

First; Echoes now has every expansion up on its page and listed down to the last detail so you can have a better chance of getting 100%, keen huh???

Second; MGB's RP Forum has been made into it's own message board. So if you're interested and all that razz, click here and stuff for the brand spanking new MRPF!!! ^_^

Third; MG has some new affiliates but I've been a bad little monkey and haven't put up the links to them yet =X Like I said, I'm sick =( I don't feel like getting them all down yet...I need a break...-_- But don't worry though, they'll be up very soonish, I promise!!! Sites like System Metroid and so on...so yeah, they'll be coming soon!!! hehe >_<

Last; New fan art has been submitted but it hasn't been added yet, so give me a little time on that and I'll have them done too...

Anyway, that's about it, like I said, short and sweet heh...I think I'm gonna go lay down now and hope I die again because this cold is kicking my ass.......

Happy New Year everyone!!! Have fun =D

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I Got You an Update Right Here! 11/24/04

So, has MG been busy? Have we been having fun? Yes, and yes =) I've done alot of updates on the site so far but I can't remember half of them and haven't listed them either...I know, I'm a bad cookie, but I try hehe >_< So here goes with what I DO have and can remember =D

First off, the message board has recieved an overhaul in it's graphics, but besides that nothing else has been changed...as of yet...Second, we have a new art submission up in the Fan Art section by Richard Kwok at Nerd Empire and it's a really great piece =) Then we have a few other things here and there that I'm sure you'll notice and if not then you're just an oblivious little person aren't you??? hehe =) But these are things such as the new featured section on the bottom right hand corner of the pages =D I figured this would not only be a good way to get word out there of various sites and places, but to also get people more interested and motivated to interact...but hell, I'm not trying to motivate anyone, if someone wants to do something then they want to do it, the motivation part is just one of the benefits hehe =) and let me see...there's something else that I can't really remember...oh what was it...uhhh...something...~Hears random people shouting about Metroid Prime 2 Echoes and gives in~ NO IT WASN'T THAT but since I can't remember anyway, I'll go ahead and get into that, I know you've been waiting for it hehe...or maybe not...YOU'RE GETTING IT ANYWAY THOUGH!!! rofl

Yes, yes, Echoes has been updated finally!!! Not only is there now a short review up by yours truly, but there's also a couple tips and tricks I've gathered so far, a wallpaper (yay for desktops!) and a little section entitled "Someone put his face on a milk carton!" You'll have to see it to know what I'm talking about, so get to clicking over there =) And you know more is coming soon!!! As soon as the GieGie can get her ever greedy hands on more material, she shall throw it up and demand all to bow before her...ok, she won't go that far...but you get the drift lol =P

By the way, is it just me, or is it really confusing how even after 2 years or so, you still get IM's from guys saying "Wow I can't believe you're a girl and you like Metroid!!!" Well, obviously if you're a guy this doesn't happen, but for my girlfriends out there I think it might...so like...is that confusing to you or what!?

Well, anyway, more to come as it's added =D Just be patient, it's not that far away hehehe =)

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The Huntress Chronicles 10/31/04

I finally decided to put my Chronicles of my fan fictions up on the site, along with a planet documentary I made in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, all of which can be found Here. The preview of Part VII is on there as well, but will be taken down when the story actually comes out. Hope everyone enjoys it and finds it helpful saying you read or have read the fan fictions on this site and liked them =)

Second off, I STILL haven't updated the message board yet BUT I'm getting to it. I'm going to go stay with my friend for a few days and I'll probably end up working on it there saying I can get my paint programs installed on her computer, but either way, I'll probably work on something while I'm there. Still, I won't be without internet access so it's not like no one will see me on or anything heh =P

Third, there's a new little section on MG's main page, which is a list of things I deem worthy of featuring, and plans are currently in progress to put this little section on every page as well as get some real space in it so I can make it look a little better than it does at the current time. Also, I AM taking suggestions from people, so if you know a site you think should be featured, or a message board member, some fan art, a fan fiction, or even if you want a cheap plug for your site put up, let me know =) I'm changing the features at random, but I am trying to leave what I DO feature up for at least a few days. I think I'm going to make a page for past features also so that once I remove something that's currently up, it won't lose it's status of having been featured on MG =)

Just make sure that before you suggest something that it's Metroid related and doesn't contain any questionable content!!! Thanks everyone!!! =)

I'm going to finally get the MZM page done soon also, seeing as I really have nothing on the page about it besides the ending pictures, so I hope you all look forward to that and enjoy it once it's done!!! =D

Fourth, I've STILL been getting emails about SMG so I'm going to say this ONE MORE TIME so everyone can read it here and see it and stop the emails...I'M NOT MAKING ANY AT THE CURRENT TIME!!! THE COMIC IS ON HIATUS!!! I just DO NOT have any ideas or motivation to make any new comics so PLEASE stop emailing me about it!!! I'll get some more comics made when I get some more comics made and that's all there is to it!!! >_< Sorry but dern...it gets kind of annoying...haha =P

Last but not least, Happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope you have fun no matter what you plan to do, and safe fun as well =D Don't want anyone to go getting hurt, that would just be stupid!!! haha =D So be careful and be spooky and all that stuff, just have a good time!!! hehe =)

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Metroid Galaxy Make Over 10/26/04

Well, I finally did it, and while the colors haven't changed, or the layout really, the graphics have certainly received a kick in the pixels. Yeah yeah, stupid joke, get over it!!! So anyway, I'm going to be doing a few more things to the graphics too, then work on the message board some. Guess I just like these colors too much to get rid of them though heh...But anyway, I'm also in the process of adding some new content...yay for new content!!! =D I'm going to add a feature section on the main page which will feature something or someone of my choosing for a set period of time every now and again. As for how long, I'm not sure, it will probably be varied, and as for what, it could be whatever I deem worthy of featuring, as long as it's metroid related, such as web sites, art, stories, or people on my message board =D I may even feature more than one thing at once...aren't I so sweet??? haha =D

So anyway, here's a message on Super Metroid Galaxy for everyone. I AM NOT UPDATING THE COMIC ANYTIME SOON!!! While I realize many of you are wanting more updates to the comic, I just don't have the time OR inclination right now to do so, therefore SMG will be hanging in the background for a good while longer...I highly doubt I'll update it before prime 2 comes out and when prime 2 comes out you can expect me to be gone for another good while while I kick the shit outta that game haha =D

Lastly, Anathema (my new metroid story) is coming along rather nicely and I may have it up before Prime 2 comes out. Then again, I might not, it just depends on how much free time I get to work on it and how well my working on it goes heh >_< So anyway, that's about all for that, and I'm going to go now to get some more things done to this site. So I hope everyone enjoys and has fun with the new things on the site. I'm working my butt off here to make sure you do so I hope it pays off!!! hehe =D

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Long Awaited Updates 10/22/04

You know you've been waiting for it...and finally it's here!!!!!!! Updates YAY!!! What's new??? Read on...

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Page updated, Metroid Hunters Updated, Index page updated, Message board updated, and Affiliates updated...Fun stuff huh??? =D

Well, first off, I got new images put up on the message board which I'm sure many have already noticed. I'm going to see about getting some more stuff on there also before too much longer.

Second, I finally got some updates on the Prime 2 page as well as put the boxart up, and I'm sure everyone's seen it by now, but if you haven't then hey, there ya go haha =)

Affiliates have also been added and all that kind of good stuff, so go see what new sites MG has linked to it!!!

Metroid Prime Hunters actually doesn't have that big of an update, just it's own page now really, but hey, at least it'll be easier for some of you to navigate =D

And last but not least I've twinked up the index page a little but that's more technical than update like...So there ya have it, mostly technical, some informational, but nonetheless new stuff =D I've also added a countdown to MP2E for those of you who're all like "OMG HURRY UP NOV 15TH!!!"

In other areas of my Metroid Activity, I've been working on something...something that some people have been bugging me about and others could care less about...What is it? Just another fan fiction which I have mentioned before, so yes, my series, The Huntress, is going to have another installment incoming sometime soonish...soonish being as soon as it gets done haha =) I'm also planning a sneak preview of it for the message board since those are the people who've been bugging me about it mostly...

And last, but not least, I'm trying to make plans for redoing the graphics of MG as well as the colors of it's message forum because change can be good...but then again it can also be hell -_- I just hope I pull it off right hehe =D

So the long absence of GieGie has ended...and she's back!!! Hmmm, if this excites you then yay I'm glad, if not then whatever and [email protected] lol =D

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The Disappearing GieGie 08/27/04

Emails upon emails and yet no response from GieGie anywhere in site until suddenly this update was done!!! Well, look who's actually around for once!!! Yes yes, I am here for the time being and updating MG omg weee!!! It's been 3 months since I did any updates or work to this site period, and I thought it was time for one, if only to just let everyone know what's going down!!! Well, as for Metroid, there's no real news there that I'm pretty sure MGB hasn't taken care of, and so I haven't done any "news" updates to this site in a while.

But the reason I haven't been around so much lately is, well, there's several reasons, but I'll just name two of them. If you ever do something for so long until it runs into the ground and you just get so bored of it you couldn't care less if you do it anymore is something any of you have ever done, then welcome to my world with MG. Not to say I don't care or want to update MG anymore, just that I wanted to take a long, much needed break. There's one reason. I just didn't want to update it so much anymore, and being as it is, MG can pretty much run itself until the next game comes out, as though yes, it does lack a few things other sites have, it still has a multitude of stuff on it for Metroid, and as for anything else such as affiliates being added, well, that can be taken care of pretty easily once I get the time and inclination to do so.

The second reason I'm going to give you is a bit more general, but you get the point. I've been very busy with IRL stuff and I've been trying to get all that taken care of and straightened out with myself. So as I said, general, but you get the point.

I wanted to thank you all for sending me emails asking if I was alright or whatnot if you sent any and let you know with this update that yes, I am alright, I'm just very indisposed. As for the little things that have been revealed of late on anything new Metroid, well as I'd said, the MGB pretty much takes care of that, and I would like to give a shout out to Zidane, OM, Rayne, and all those other great Mods who've been taking care of the board in my absence!!!

Lastly, when's SMG going to come back up again? That, I really couldn't tell ya, as it's the same story with MG. I just haven't felt like it or had the time to do it here lately.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience saying I've caused any, but hey, it happens, you know!!! Happy Metroid hunting everyone!!! =D

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Links and Affiliate Added 05/27/04

Well, I finally got around to adding another link to the MP2: Echoes article on this site linking to some information over on IGN. Now that all has been said and done for a moment, all I can say about the so far overall look of the next game is WOW and as for Metroid Prime: Hunters, I'll have more information on that as soon as it comes to me.

Besides that, we have a new affiliate. It is a new web sprite comic called The Depths of Zebes and I get a kick out of it myself, so go over there and see whatcha think!!! :)

Last but not least, if you have submitted a fan fiction or art over the passed few weeks, please expect it to take a little more time for my approval/rejection of the work. I'm trying my best to get things done!!! Thank you!!!

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E3 Goodies 05/14/04

E3 is upon us! We are now engrossed in all new videos for Echoes, screenshots, interviews, and the unveiling of ANOTHER new game which will be released on the new DS called Metroid Prime: Hunters. With all this new stuff, where is the GieGie to start? Well let me get this ship off the ground and just pick somewhere...

To start off, Metroid Prime: Hunters. It's NOT developed by Retro, who didn't even know about this game until it was revealed in E3, but instead is developed by NST and is based on the multiplayer mode in Echoes. The framerate is lowered a bit, so the graphics probably seem a little more pixilated, but the screenshots don't look half bad, and as soon as I can get my greedy little hands on some images, I'll put them up! Alrighty now, for the next bit on our agenda....

I have put one of the new trailers for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes up, it's almost a full minute long, and in the next day or so I'll have another, more movie-like one up. I also have 10 new screenshots from the video which is now up on the Future Metroid Events page, so those of you who are on dial up and don't feel like downloading it can see what is basically shown in it. Aren't I nice? Anyway, as more and more pictures, facts, and videos abound from E3 on this game, so does more and more speculation as anyone should well know, after all what's better to cure your curiousity than to make up something about the game from what you've seen to try and explain it? Well, if you're a speculation lover then head on over to the boards, even the all powerful GieGie can't stop the speculation from spreading to certain areas on her own board, and even if you hate speculation, head over there anyway because alot of new information is coming up there all the time. Just beware the rumor makers...

So, in the end, is GieGie pulling her hair out? Is she now bald? No, not bald, but I think I have a few white hairs to commemorate this experience. Which reminds me, for all you SMG fans, it may be put on hiatus for a while, but this is in a way to be expected since I'm only one person...STOP BUGGING ME!!! Ok...I'm done...

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is expected to hit shelves on November 15th, so 5 months from tomorrow...Good lord give me patience! Take deep slow breaths everyone...these next 5 months are gonna suck...LoL Anyway, go on over to the Future Metroid Events page and check it out! :)

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 04/24/04

Nintendo recently gave a sneak peak on their website of Metroid Prime 2...and it's called...Echoes! Well, anyway it is now official, the screenshots, the multiplayer, the name, and some of the story are all on Nintendo's website for your enjoyment. MG has also updated the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes page with 2 new screenshots, and updated versions of older screenshots as well as listed some of the information Nintendo has given on it's site, along with a direct link to the article. So go on over to the Future Metroid Events page and check it out! :)

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Evil Updates of Doom!!! 04/21/04

Updates are EVIL!!! EVIL I SAY!!! But the good thing is I'm through...cept for this damn update grrrrrrr.......ok anyway here's the skinny...

4 new fan fictions have been uploaded, approximately 7 new fan art images, 9 new images in the Samus Gallery, about 7 new screenshots for Metroid Prime 2, and 2 new affiliates. If this don't tickle your fancy, then nothing will...and if it doesn't, then go away because I worked hard on 'em and I dun care to hear your complaining!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA GIEGIE HAS GONE TOTALLY INSANE AND WILL NOW LIGHT FIRES TO ALL YOUR CHILDRENS TEDDY BEARS!!!!!!!!

Ok...I'm done now...Shoutout's go out to Zidane, Xic Nox, The Otaku Metroid, and RaynezDreamz for achieving the never before reached title of Trained Metroid Hunter on MGB. So if you're a message board member, watch out for them because they can edit you and make you look like a fool...BAHAHA...and watch out for Xic especially, he's just a power abuser...BAHAHA

Ok, enough of that shiz...get on and get around to looking at the new updates because if you don't...well, I won't know about it but eh...that would just suck...heh, so be nice to meh!!! I didn't mean the thing about the teddy bears, honest!!! :D

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          Prime 2 MPlayer Revealed-New Screen Shots 04/15/04

On the Future Metroid Events page is now more information on the multiplayer which was rumored to be featured on Metroid Prime 2 as well as 5 brand new screen shots!! So run over and take a look. As I said, I don't know whether or not to rejoice or cringe in fear at this multiplayer prospect...

Something I think I may have forgotten to mention is that I've added new art to the user submitted pages, including some drawings of Samus and one from our message board member Xic Nox which he did of Phantoon. Wonderful art, go check it out!! :)

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          Metroid Movie Rights Obtained by John Woo 04/07/04

Breaking news came this morning in a message to me from MGB's Moderator Zidane which linked me to a site that says the Metroid Movie Rights have been picked up again by Director John Woo (Mission Impossible 2), making this the second time that they've tried to bring Samus Aran to the big screen. It looks as if they've got a bit more planned out this time also, as they've said the story will focus on Samus Aran and her struggles with the Metroids and the Mother Brain. I've found two articles on this so far, both of which are linked below, and I only hope that this time around they don't toy with our emotions and let the rights expire again!

Metroid Movie New's Article from Reuters.com
Gamespot.com Metroid Movie News Article

In other areas, more on Metroid Prime 2 will be revealed next month at the Expo, so we've got alot to look forward to incoming!! For those of you who didn't want a movie to be made, just look forward to Prime 2 and don't go see the movie...for those of you who DID want a movie to be made I can only say one thing and that's...WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D

There's a topic in the Metroid Misc. forum for those of you who're members of our message board, so head on over there to talk about it if you'd like too!

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Interactive Pages Updated 03/16/04

New graphics have been put up on the interactive pages, different colors than the regular blues I've been using on this site. Thought I could use a big change for some of the pages, and while it's not an intricate layout like the one on these pages, it does it's job well hehe ^-^ So check out some of the interactive stuff and see what you think, see what kinda trouble you can get into hehe ^-^
Lastly, there's a new quiz WEEEEEE!!! This quiz is more specifically for the fans of my fan fictions The Huntress as it asks the question, "What Huntress Character Are You?" All the pictures I used are little dolls I've drawn of them, except for Jaken...I couldn't really find a Chozo doll O.o lol But hey, if you make doll bases and you're reading this (yeah, big chance of THAT happening) then make a Chozo doll base!!! Shouldn't be TOO hard, just a regular body in dark brown-black colors with a birds head...>.< LoL I would attempt it myself, but uhh...the one HUMAN doll base I drew looks stupid, don't make me embarrass myself by trying to draw a chozo >.> But enough of that...anyway, other updates should be coming soon. I'm seeing about adding a shoutbox to the main page, and maybe getting rid of the guestbook...maybe, there's alot of nice comments in that thing, so I don't know if I can part with it just yet or not haha :D
So go look around again, and umm...do me a favor...STOP HOTLINKING MY IMAGES!!! Sorry, I forgot to add that I've noticed a bunch of people hotlinking my images, and I would like to ask that...well, could ya stop? I have to pay for this bandwidth and er...if it keeps up MG may go down... :( When I ask to save an image and upload it to your own server for use, I kinda mean it...<.< Thanks everyone!!! :D

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Zero Mission After Glow 02/27/04

Zero Mission has been out for two weeks now, and after poking and prodding where ever and when ever I can I've got some stuff up for you people finally on the Zero Mission page!! That means all the ending pictures, some new screen shots, and er, well no tips or tricks yet, but I'm workin' it...For those of you who don't know, there's also a Zero Mission forum on the MGMB up now, so go scope it if you need some tips or advice really badly and don't know where else to turn!!! :)

Second, MG has some new affiliates, linked where the other ones are of course hehe, and a brand new fan art image uploaded, so YAY for that!!! ^-^

There's probably something else I'm forgetting like usual, but I'll remember it sometime...haha I just know that what I just updated sounds like alot less than it really is...geeze >.>

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Zero Mission Released Today (USA)02/09/04

Yes, Metroid Zero Mission has been released today in the USA, though in some states they are going to have to wait until tomorrow or so before the game will actually arrive at local stores. Despite this, those of us who have our greedy little paws on M:ZM right now seem to be delighted...(Don't believe me? Check out some of the posts on the message board, that should be proof enough.)

For now at Metroid Galaxy, no spoilers are going up, at least not until I've been able to maim every Geemer, bomb every nook and cranny, blow away every boss, and eradicate every Metroid in my path!!!

So happy Metroid Day everyone!!! :P Tear apart Zebes once again as you did when Metroid first came out!!! (Unless you never played the first Metroid, then I'll simply say...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAPPY HUNTING!!! :P)

On a different note, there is a small banner on the left side beneath the links to other sites that is for a petition to put Super Metroid and Metroid II on the GBA. The last time I checked, there was 67 signatures on it (Not bad!) but if you haven't signed it yet, and this is something you'd like to push for, then go ahead over there and sign the thing. Get your parents to sign it, brothers, sisters, friends. Just sign it!!! haha :D

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Zero Mission/Samus Images 01/28/04

Ok, first update for the day...brand spankin new Zero Mission page added. Yes this will be the future page for the spoilers once I know any hehe and as for now, there's just info for when it's coming out, some screenshots and links, what we've heard so far, and a picture of Samus suitless...what? Suitless!? You bet your ass, thanks to Ajbolt89 from the MGMB who posted a link to it...Good work my friend ^-^ LOL From this image, it looks like the rumors of playing her suitless once again are true!!! YAY for Zero Mission!!! So go on over there and check it out, click here or click the 6 (VI) at the top of the page. Also, check out Prime 2's page for a little more info than before...seems rumors are really starting to abound on this game now...hehehehehehehehehehehe :D Ok, enough of that...

Second...there's new images of Samus in the Image Gallery including all ending pictures of Metroid Fusion and two images from Zero Mission...like the one at the top of the page, isn't that just spiffy!!! ^-^

So go click around some more like usual...oh, and I've got some user submitted information put up as well...I knew I'd forget something ~_~...So have some fun and get your metroid kicks on route metroid galaxy...er...ok I just totally slaughtered that little catch phrase didn't I??? *grumble*

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05/14/04 E3 Goodies
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04/21/04 Evil Updates of Doom!!!

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