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As has been told, the new game, Metroid Prime Hunters, for the Nintendo DS, is coming. With a delayed release date, they've let loose more information on what the game is going to be based around and how it's going to work.

So Metroid Galaxy did some research for you, and has made a few images, seen below, of the characters involved in this game and their bio's. The bio's come from Metroid.com's site itself on the Hunters page, though it's all in flash, and they have new characters up there, ones not found on the nintendo Hunters page, so if you have a slow connection then here's the info on that site here!!







So there you have it. All six, so far, revealed characters. If they come up with anymore I'm just gonna shoot myself right now because I'm going to have alot more to do =P.

As anyone can see from these pictures, the game is about, generally, a message sent to bounty hunters from a place called the Alimbic Cluster of an ultimate weapon. Each Bounty Hunter has his or her own reason for seeking this weapon out, and all of them will have to, more than likely, overcome one another to get to it.

Personally my money's on Samus. =P

Also announced recently: Metroid Prime Hunters is going to playable online! It's going to use Nintendo's wi-fi connection, and while I personally still haven't figured out what that means yet, I'm working on it so I can include it here also.

I have to say that at first I wasn't too interested in this game, besides the Metroid aspect to it, but after seeing all this, I can say it's got my interests a little more peaked now. With my recent birthday having passed, I'm now considering spending my money on a Nintendo DS just so I can try this game whenever it comes out XD.

MPH Screenshots




More info on Metroid Dread and Pinball coming soon.

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