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Metroid Prime: Echoes
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Boxart

Metroid Prime: Echoes Teaser - Download Here.

Metroid Prime: Echoes Trailer - Download Here.

Travel to Planet Aether, a planet torn between dimensions into a dark and a light world where Samus faces off with a new enemy called the Ing and a dark shadow of herself. Sent to render assistance to a Galatic Federation Vessel which contact was lost with, Samus finds that more is going on around this Planet than meets the eye. Introducing for the first time in Metroid a Multiplayer mode featuring Deathmatches and collect the coins, as well as several other new features integrated into the game play to make this one even better than Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes has a little something in it for everyone!

Coming Soon Scan lists will be added to this site as soon as I get the time to get them written down and laid out, so be paitient!!!

Ammo Expansions
Listed expansions that you can print out and check off along the way to help you get 100% in Echoes and a better ending. Each list includes Area, Room, How to get it, and Items needed to get it so you don't go trudging through Aether with only a couple missiles to back you up!

Missile Tank Expansions
Energy Tanks
Power Bombs and Ammo Expansions

Someone put his face on a Milk Carton!!!

Does anyone remember the teaser that came out way back when? No? Well, you can download it above...Anyway, the teaser was for prime 2, way back when, and featured Samus getting picked up by the throat, thrown, and stepped on by a creature who at the time was questionable but whom we can now see (those of us who's played Echoes anyway) is a space pirate..........(image above)

The question is...where is he? I've beaten Echoes and have not seen hide nor hair...or in this case exo-skeleton...of our Samus-beater buddy...I wanted to kick his ass just for what he did to Samus in the teaser, but now he's not around! Come on Retro, what did you do? Just throw together some short little video at E3 to not only get our interests up, but to totally piss us off on her behalf??? If someone can explain this enigma then please do so, I know I'm curious about what happened to Sir Needs-A-Whippin' anyway...

First Wallpaper

This is the first wallpaper I've made for Echoes, and I'll be trying to add more as soon as I can. So far I only have it in a 1024x768 but once I get more made, I'll put up 800x600's too and they'll all be found on the wallpapers page =D

Screen Shots

Click to Enlarge

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Coming Soon
Screen Shots

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