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Metroid Zero Mission
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What really happened on Zebes? Metroid Zero Mission is, in essence, a directors cut of the first Metroid game that tells what really went on when our favorite Bounty Hunter arrived at Zebes for her first battle with the Metroids and Mother Brain. It deepens the storyline of the series, tells more little details about the mission, and gives away more information on Samus Aran's past all in one neat little package. While the game is fun to play, old school fans of the series will definitely have a better appreciation for this game than newcomers to the Metroid Saga. The gameplay is like Super Metroid which will never harbor a complaint from me, and the story is just immersive enough to keep you interested in not only playing but also finding out what happens next. If you're a Metroid Fan and you don't have this game, you should consider it a must-get because of the story alone, much less because it's probably the third best Metroid game there is.

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Below is a list of items and how many of each there are. At at end of Zero Mission, each map has a list of how many of each item is located in the area you're in, and how many you've collected. Pretty convenient I think =D.

Items How Many
Energy Tanks 12
Missiles 50
Super Missiles 15
Power Bombs 9

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Brinstar: The starting point of the game. Brinstar houses several power-ups and is spread out beneath the surface of Zebes for a good distance. Geemers, Rios, Skree, Rippers, and other surprises wait around the rocky corridors in this area of the game.

Norfair: Far below the surface of Zebes, and a hot place to spend your time, though not because of its popularity. While Norfair isn't as big as some of the other worlds, it's still just as dangerous if not more so. I wonder though how desgeega's taste BBQed?

Kraid: A warped maze of creatures and power-ups, this hideout hides the biggest monster on Zebes, and he's not very happy when you come around on his turf uninvited.

Ridley: As scarey as any place you'll find on Zebes, the critters are big, the mazes are bigger, and the stakes are high. Master this place deep below even Norfair and consider yourself able to master any place on Zebes.

Crateria: The surface of Zebes, which is bereft of life besides some smaller animals due to acid rains.

Chozodia: The biggest area in the entire game, feeling lost seems to come with the territory. Infested with space pirates as well, this is not a place to go on a casual walk through Zebes.

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To prevent someone who didn't read the spoilers notice above from seeing the pictures without meaning to (geeze heh) I have linked these images instead of placing them on this page...anyway, enjoy!!! :)

Ending 1
Ending 2
Ending 3
Ending 4
Ending 5
Ending 6
Ending 7
Ending 8
Ending 9
Ending 10

And finally...links to sites with even more goodies! Ok, so I'm being lazy, but why repeat what other sites have already said when I can just link to the pages they've said it on? Call it...Game Strategy Innovation =P

Samus.co.uk Zero Mission Information - What can I say, maps, power-ups, reviews, what else can you ask for?
Metroid Database Zero Mission Information - It's the Metroid Database, what would a strategy guide be like without their help? haha =P

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Metroid Zero Mission

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